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  1. IM and chess engine Clarkey But, you know, to fit the mathematic […]
  2. IM and chess engine azuaga to play well does not mean it is a cheater
  3. IM and chess engine azuaga he is a MI of my country, I played and talked with him
  4. IM and chess engine Clarkey He's cheating. What leads you to believe that this account is an IM? J […]
  5. keyboard shortcuts in game rev […] Clarkey Try disabling the vimium plugin for lichess, we already natively support hjkl.
  6. IM and chess engine azuaga Why maestrofermin's profile appears as using an engine? he is an IM, h […]
  7. keyboard shortcuts in game rev […] grondilu Hello, I'm on Debian GNU/linux and I'm using chromium 35 with the v […]
  8. Should this really be checkmate? Acerook 3 Questions to ask yourself it this checkmate: 1. Can you move to s […]
  9. What do you think is a good ra […] trx In correspondence with Classical rating. I've noticed that lower rated […]
  10. Return to tournament!! Clarkey Oh poop. Thanks for the report. Sadly won't be able to get it fixed […]
  11. Return to tournament!! DDMM when finishing a game, the return to tournament button doesnt show !!!
  12. Game sheet Clarkey On a side note, you can now flip the board while playing. :)
  13. Why Lichess is not so good tha […] marcos81 I played in chess. com and i prefer lichess. First of all, it's OP […]
  14. Game sheet Clarkey Okay, there's now an option in your preferences. You can also use the […]
  15. Game sheet PigsRule Thanks, Clarkey.
  16. Game sheet Clarkey Option on the way.
  17. Game sheet PigsRule I too would like an option to disable in-game PGN. I've found it to be […]
  18. Game sheet BearJr Can I turn off the moves pilling up on my right? I turn off everything […]
  19. Why Lichess is not so good tha […] tabarjack Lichess is Open-Source... yes you can examine the source code! Liches […]
  20. Why Lichess is not so good tha […] PigsRule I agree, lichess is better. I recently visited just to look, […]
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